Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dragonfly Cafe

It's taken us almost a year to get back to try the real food at the Dragonfly Cafe in Taos, NM. Last summer we sampled a few of their delectable desserts and I was impressed with their coffee and espresso (one of only a handful of cafes in the region where the portafilter resides in the grouphead when not in use).

The Dragonfly is open for lunch and dinner. We stopped in for lunch on a Saturday afternoon. Their menu is small but varied, with delicious-sounding vegetarian options, and the food focuses on organic and local ingredients, freshly and healthfully prepared. Due to the mellow vibe of the place, I was thinking that the pace of service might be slow but I was pleasantly surprised. Our waitress was super friendly and very efficient. Prices were reasonable considering the serving size and quality. Lunch entrees were in the range of $8-14.

My buffalo burger came topped with a huge roasted green chile and some fresh cheddar cheese. Best burger I've had in a long time: perfectly cooked (medium rare) and served on a homemade rosemary roll, with a small green salad on the side. Jeremy's chicken pot pie was also delicious and very homemade, with a gorgeous pastry top and fresh peas, carrots, and chicken on the inside.

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