Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Visiting some Dogs

Last weekend I went up to Storm Kloud Kennels in Walsenburg, CO, to visit some Malamutes and see some 2.5 week old puppies. For some reason I didn't expect them to be quite so cute yet.

Charger is the father of those little imps

... he's a big cuddly baby.

Spirit is a patient and sweet mom.

Nancy and Bob Russell keep about 12 dogs around, most Malamutes but 3 retired Alaskan Huskies as well. It's quite the greeting to hear them all woo-wooing as you drive up to the place.

They are all working dogs and get to pull Nancy around every day, and quite a few of them are champion weight-pullers. However, in spite of their obvious physical fortitude, they are all such cuddly balls of fur. The Malamute sense of humor is also evident as they show off their toys and say whatever comes to mind (mostly woo, woooo).

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  1. How I've enjoyed looking at those darling dogs and pups over and over again! Lucy perks up when the babies cry. Thanks so much for sharing them with me. I'd love to see the dogs pulling Nancy. Love, Mom